Keeping Family Together

Who makes up your family? How has it changed over time? What would you do to have the elders still alive instead of quietly inhabiting a gravesite? What would you ask them? What would you both laugh about? How would you live differently because of their influence?

Many dear family members have left their bodies behind. If you are like me, you might say that their work on earth wasn’t really finished. So, we create monuments, anniversary celebrations, we tell family stories and share family pictures to make it more real.

What do you do to keep your family together? Light candles? “Talk to them” when no one is looking? Seek out mediums? Write memoirs?

We do these things when we know that family experiences are one of our richest assets. And when those connections are ripped apart, whether we say we are prepared for it or not, life cannot be the same. We go on with a sense of loss, with essential parts missing, groping for meaning without our loved ones.

We need family groups that envision staying together forever. Families that will literally do everything they can to pre-empt the breakups that come from death. When they work together to accomplish this, we will have new models for other families and start a new paradigm for humanity.

If you are not one of those families, perhaps you are an individual that would work with us to help establish families that commit to life forever now. In either case, let’s start the discussion of keeping families together … like they should be, forever.

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