Just Touch It

Jake Johanssen has produced a DVD of his show called “I Love You” and it is incredibly funny. His self-deprecating humor is the best I have seen since the late Rodney Dangerfield. In one section of his routine, he talks about solving the mystery around male sexuality. He advocates that instead of wasting time reading all the magazine articles that give women techniques for how to please her man, she should “Just touch it.”

This post, however, is not about sex nor overcoming the difference between men and women. It is about “touching” what is foreign and perhaps a bit scary. When we are willing to overcome our fears of “touching it,” we can get closer to living fully now.

It’s easy to approach those things that seem foreign or difficult with a sense of keeping a safe distance. We would rather talk about it, buy a book or magazine about it, google it…anything but touch it. Once we get over the shock of it, sometimes the best way to get past a problem is to “just touch it.”

After the initial contact, what does it honestly feel like? Does it live up to our worst fears? How does it change over time? What would we compare it to in the most positive way? What might we learn about life from it? What is its history and how have people made peace with it?

Many before us have taken in foreigners, learned to fly or parachute, and the “most feared” of all, public speaking. They “touched it.” They discovered themselves by getting out of their comfort zone. It’s part of living fully now. It could be our rallying cry, “Just touch it!”

Feel free to let us know in the comment box or link below. What is it you have been approaching, but are  yet unable to touch?

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