Choosing Joy instead of Paranoia

Joy is intimately connected with living fully. This was expressed to me many years ago by a person who described herself as an “inverse paranoid:” someone who believes without any proof that everyone is out to make her day. This gave her a fuller sense of joy.

At the Leucadia Farmer’s Market last weekend a gentleman from Temecula reinforced that for me by showing me an article on the opposite of paranoia: “Pronoia, How the World is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.” “A ‘pronoiac’ is someone who believes that the world is conspiring to shower him or her with blessings.” Thank you, Tim.

You may do a search on the Internet for “Pronoia” and/or read part of the article Tim shared with me from “The Sun.” Let us know what you think in the response box or “leave comment” link below.

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