International Day of Happiness!

international day of happinessDid you miss the announcement that March 20th was the International Day of Happiness? I caught it on a blog that day. I’m not sure I needed to know it was designated so by the UN two years ago, because I was already committed.
Before I saw the blog post, I had been to the County Courthouse finishing up some “nasty” business. The clerk who had helped me before was unpleasant. “Do you have a copy,” she demanded? “Then give it to me! I need to stamp it.”
I handed her the copy. I thanked her for her help. “You’re done,” she uttered as she handed me the stamped copy. Then I wished her a good weekend.
Afterward, my personal agenda was interrupted by a phone caller who began issuing a prepared statement about his identity and purpose of his call. Just then my wife texted me, concerned that the dinner was burning. I politely stopped the caller and went to the stove to find dinner had started burning. I went back to the caller and told him that I had to interrupt because dinner was burning. We hung up and I gave him a pleasant goodbye.
Did I do that to imitate Dora Doormat? No. I did it because I wanted to add happiness to my life. I remade the rice without grumbling about the loss of food and my wife rescued the main course.
That dinner was delicious! It’s wonderful how choosing happiness boomerangs back and might land in your dinner.
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