Impatience is a very telling sign that I believe that time, particularly my time, is in short supply. That belief, like the emotions mentioned in my previous post (Law of Attraction) are self-replicating. If I think my time is short, I immediately get signs and confirmations that my time is short.

Shortage of time not only spoils my ability to live fully now, it is something I would rather not choose. I choose lifetimes of time, lifetimes of action and lifetimes of change.

Our experience of time can be largely what we believe about time. This is true throughout our lives. For instance, our experience of trials can be experienced as learnings, opportunities, challenges, pet peeves or the worst thing that could happen. So, I ask, what is my belief about time?

I believe time is action. Time is change. Time is relative. Time is a measurement of successive now moments. Time is projection. And sometimes, I am more emotionally attached. I get conflicted and feel time is limited or painful or going too fast.

Impatience is an opportunity for me to see my inner conflict with time. Impatience sabotages my experience of the present and steals my vision of the pregnancy of now. Impatience is that awful feeling, a distinct alarm to choose differently.

I choose lifetimes of time. I choose lifetimes of change. I choose lifetimes of action. I choose lifetimes of opportunities. I choose full engagement in the present. I choose patience, like Ted Miller, my father and teacher. My hope is that you, too, have a model of and encouragement in patience.


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