How to Live Forever and Why

Yesterday I was spotted with one of my books. It’s an unusual subject, living forever on this earth, and it has a funny title, How to Live Forever or Die Trying. (I will offer a book review on this blog in the future.) But looking at the title, my friend said to me, “That’s pretty funny, but I don’t want to live forever. At least not in this body.” I boldly told him, “I do.” He quickly moved to his next task and I didn’t have the opportunity to explain why I want to live forever. Perhaps the easiest explanation is this: I want to live forever because life is tough and I want to be here when it is tough for my children.

To fill out the story a bit, yesterday was one of those difficult ones. I am sure you have noticed that  tough times and aching bodies have a way of feeling personal, like it’s a failure on your part or an insult to all your efforts to live right. As I worked yesterday, I was putting forth my best even though I was in pain. My suggestions that people try a free, no obligation sample of my delicious product (as I do most days of the week) went pretty much unrecognized. My sales were horrible. And yet, I still wanted to live forever.

As I mentioned, my friend had work to do, so he moved on without getting into a discussion about living forever. Perhaps he didn’t want a discussion because for him, the subject was closed. But because I know him as a good man, I bet my reasoning would change his mind.

This morning I hope to tell more than my friend that it isn’t just for me that I want to live forever. I want to live forever for my children. I want to see them grow and find happiness and I also want to be there to help when growth is tough and painful. I want to tell the children and their children that it’s going to be okay, that they have the strength they need to get through it and that they are the most adaptable and smartest of creatures. I want to assure them that they are able to mold their futures. I want to let them know that I understand how tough it is and that I have not left them to do it on their own.

In the final analysis, I want to live forever to help them commit to life, because it’s the only way to have a full one. Won’t that be wonderful to see them triumph, making new connections, breaking old barriers and raising their offspring to break even more? I think so. I want to be here to see that.


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