Grief Recess

Grieving is a long process. No one can say how long it will take or what we must endure in the process. During it, we can be of two states of mind. On one hand, we crave normalcy. On the other, we need to be apart so we can grieve in our own way.

In the meantime, and before we begin to feel “half-normal,” we may want to venture into some release of emotions that feel normal, such as laughter or ease with life. Feeling like a child without a care in the world would also help us relax. It may help us to venture into these feelings and maintain our commitment to the grieving process if we give ourselves a specified amount of time in which we can let go of the intensity of grief.

Laughter is one of those natural states that serve two (or more) purposes. It triggers endorphins that are good for healing and it acts as a catalyst for releasing anger. Even if I don’t feel like laughing, it helps me to remember my father’s laugh. I can still consciously choose to hear that. It fills my heart in a way that I am not aware of when I laugh of my own accord. I also gaze at photos of him in a burst of laughter. This makes me smile and not so self conscious of laughing.

Thanks to my friend and coffee customer Janet Still, I have a webpage to share on the healing of laughter.

It’s okay to take a few minutes to look at laughter, to heal, to let go of the stress of loss. Your beloved would probably approve.

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