Got Life?

Life is the very best experience we could possibly dream of or experience. Particularly, life as a human being.
 Got Life? oval
I remember when I was a young adult and “Life” was pretty much a struggle. I felt that I “had life” but, really, “Is that all there is? Work? Stress? Jockeying for better pay? Marriage trouble? Avoiding disaster? An occasional escape on vacation, only to return to the same hamster wheel? There’s just got to be more here.”
The truth is that that is all there is if all you have going for you is your ego, and you’re not connected with Life. All the ego-self can provide is that kind of striving against other egos, and often against the forces of Life.
What the ego doesn’t understand is that the point of Life is to be connected and in sync with Life. That’s when Life gets amazing, appreciated, precious and unbelievably good.
In my book, The Twelve Commitments to Life, I discuss how our experience with Life can be enhanced by listening to Life and its essential elements. These are beautifully simple concepts. Anybody can do them because they are built into our bodies and souls: love, awareness, consciousness, health, kindness…
A lot of people think they are not experiencing Life at its best unless they are conquering some mountain, falling out of a plane or doing something never accomplished before. Those are perfect examples of the ego-self in control, not knowing Life and how it works for us. Being in contest with Life’s forces, conquering or overcoming Life’s parameters is not being in synchrony with Life or having commitment to Life.
The difference between the “normal,” ego-centric view of Life and living from Life’s agenda is huge. The “normal view” is ego vs. Life and living creatures, the other is appreciation of and harmonizing with the best experience we can possibly dream of or know, Life as a human person… breath, relief, learning, arousal, balance, rest.
Got Life? Yes you do if you are committed to Life as it really is.
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