Good Friday. What’s Good About It?

For a good thirty years, I celebrated Good Friday with a religious fervor. I kneeled down and recalled the steps taken by the man Jesus 2000 years (and quadbillions of tears) ago. I vicariously visited the mockings, the scourgings, the crown of thorns and the weight of the cross he bore. All of that. Then I stayed silent in memory of his death. It should have been called “Black Friday” but that got assigned to the stock market crash of 2009.

“Good Friday” could be called “good” if it were the end of an era that grew by injustice and quashing ideas of goodness, fairness and love. It could also be called “good” if people from that day forward refused to be involved in needless wars and killing. Or if we were freed from egoism, greed and maliciousness.

But, as we know, those things did not happen.

But today is Good Friday 2011 and as good as any other day to end the era of death, end the era of selfishness and end the era of confusion about who we are.

We do not have to kill other human beings anymore. We do not have to die. We do not have to lie to ourselves that “all good things must end.” We do not have to choose selfishness that discounts, minimizes or abuses others. We do not need to believe that we are lost, waiting to be found by a savior. We do not need to doubt that we are the creators of our lives.

We can choose to live forever now.

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