Futures Awareness

The World Future Society  uses the word “future” as a singular and plural noun, as well as a verb, as in “futuring.” It got me thinking, future should be plural…I mean futures should be plural. What if we were willing to look at shared futures in the world instead of “a future” we must all somehow fit into?

You know from reading this blog that I believe in living fully, but I may have not indicated that “living fully” has no designs of dictating to others how they should live. Of course it doesn’t; living fully takes too much personal focus to have it stray onto what others should be doing.

Don’t we all have a future? Isn’t it crazy to think, although we all live on one planet, that it isn’t big enough for each of us to have what we need to be fulfilled? Have we so taken on the image of our small planet spinning in space that we can’t allow room for difference, for unleashed creativity or for unlimited horizons?

After all, the biggest distance these days is between the ears of one person, not the real estate of the galaxy. (Indeed, brain science tells us that we have more synapses in our brains then there are atoms in the known universe!) When we are all allowed and encouraged to explore our inner fullness, we will discover an awareness of infinite layers of futures.

If we are willing to take this concept of “futures” one more step and recall my perspective that we are “of the future, not the past,” then living into our futures is not a difficult task that we must somehow wrench from the past, from the earth or the sweat of our brow. We only need to focus on who we inherently are: successful, wise and adaptive beings, living here and now to spread the kind of love, understanding and gratitude the future has already created. As irrational, utopian or crazy as that sounds, I believe that if you let that live in your head for just a short while, the chances are you will begin to feel it calling you back to who you are… and have simply forgotten.

We are children of the future. And the futures are ours. Now.

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