Fallen Fathers

On this Father’s Day, 2011, we again remember fathers. And if your or your partner’s father has passed on, you know that Father’s Day is not necessarily a time of connection and joy.

As I look at photos of my recently passed on father and reflect that this is the first Father’s Day that I will not be able to call him, hear his voice or send him is favorite gift (nuts), I also recall the post I wrote soon after his death on April 16th, Deciding Against Death Honors Our Ancestors Hopes.

Many of our parents lived and worked in the hopes that their children would have a better life than they had. Well, the opportunity they were striving for is here: to choose life, a life forever on this earth. This is what would have chosen, if they had the technology.

Our forebears (fathers and mothers) would have wanted to see their grandchildren graduate, find their life partner, raise beautiful children, find their mission and change the world. And it would have been no small joy for them to see their great and great-great grandchildren follow a life of promise and developing wisdom. But since they did not have the technology, they could not.

Remember your father’s wish for himself and make it your own: live longer and more fully. Embrace the opportunities to do and see what he could not. It is the best gift you could give him, and it’s an eternal gift, your love of the life he and your mother gave you.

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