In the Face of Death

Why would anyone tell someone that has had a death in the family, “Take care, now. We all have to die sometime?” It sounds preposterous and insensitive, yet it happens all the time.

I postulate that the reason behind this frequent platitude is that we all feel helpless in the face of death. And for that reason, we really don’t know what to say other than to suggest that we get logical about it so we can distance ourselves.

But getting logical in this manner doesn’t make death less likely, which proves the point that our logic is completely demoralized by death.

Here is what we can do: learn how to stop it.

Already we know a number of steps toward life forever now. Most of these things we can do today, including:

· eating healthy food,
· drinking lots of pure, alkaline water
· eliminating alcohol, cigarettes, inactivity and sugar.

We can
· learn about life extension and read books like Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,
· stimulate brain functions (because slowed brain functions lead to loss of interest in life),
· stay connected to family,
· give and be grateful,
· love and laugh,
· change our minds and our brains. (Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain),
· let go of concepts that are old school and question our cultural myths,
· discuss with others what they do to stay healthy, joyful and active,
· encourage others to read and share the principles of life forever now.

No, we don’t all have to die. But apparently, we all need to learn how to live.

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