Everything Changes

Dreams can be a way of hearing. Our inhibitions are lowered and our usual busy-ness is stilled. I have been having a number of significant dreams since my father’s passing. (Some of you can relate to having dreams of passed relatives or other messages that seem to come from a wise source.)
My latest involved the most influential theologian I ever knew, an Episcopal bishop. Now, I got to know several in my circle and many were truly amazing thinkers, but this one I got to know on a personal basis. In this dream Bishop T was having a crisis because everything he owned was shaking like it was in an earthquake. The room was not shaking, but everything he owned was.
Bishop T stood for my theology in this dream. And everything in my life that I have believed about God, grace, sin, death, life purpose, hell and heaven are being shaken up. The room is still, but the things I believed in are moving very rapidly.
Most particularly, when one changes their idea that death is not inevitable, everything in life changes. For instance, life takes on new opportunities to say, “I love you.” I find myself believing in others more readily. Time pressures seem less insistent, though I keep moving as if time is precious. But the biggest change is that I have no inclination to give in. Life doesn’t give in, so why should I?

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