Easter. Pagan, Christian, Resurrection or Life Forever?

The Internet can be a forum for nut-cases and intellectuals, inspiration and stuck-ness. It offers many opinions about the meaning of this and that. Today Facebook and the blogworld are vibrating to the controversy of what Easter means.

  • Is it an old pagan tradition revived and corrected by the Christian era or is it a pagan enlightenment overtaken by a narrow-minded Christian empire?
  • Is it about springtime or resurrection?
  • Is it about showing off your best in church or about showing up in church?
  • Is it about retail profits or heavenly prophets?

Hold everything! Because if Easter is about the past or a belief in the power of death to take down the Savior of the world…what does it matter today? The history of Easter does not matter if we are not living now.

Today we do not have to die. Today we are here to live. We don’t need resurrection or a promise of an afterlife. We are here now and our best effort is to support others that are here now as we would want them to support us now.

Life Forever Now is changing everything. Even Easter.

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