Dying of Heart Disease 50% Chance

What if you got up this morning and heard that there was a fifty per cent chance of rain? Would you take measures to protect your clothes? I would. Or what if the word on the street was that because of the looting downtown, there was a fifty per cent chance of being mugged or arrested? Would you stay away? I would. Not because I am afraid, but I value my life, my health and my safety. These conditions are valuable to me and my family.

So, here it is: you have a fifty per cent chance of dying from heart disease. (The World Heart Federation projects Cardiovascular Disease to be “the single leading cause of death” the world over past the year 2030.) This disease will not only kill you, it will cripple your lifestyle while you are alive and it has a good chance of bankrupting your family. Is that okay with you?

This is not like protecting the value of your clothes, like a fifty per cent chance of rain. This is about protecting your family and your very ability to breathe, to provide for your loved ones, to enjoy life.

Am I suggesting that you donate thousands of dollars to heart research? No. Do something more immediate. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less red meat, drink plenty of water, get good rest, exercise three times a week and, most of all, live guided by your heart, your love muscle.

Read up on steps you can take. Start here. Today 2,600 Americans will die of cardiovascular disease, one every thirty seconds… and it includes people only 35 years old. Don’t bet your 50% on luck. Bet on information and solid action.

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