Declare Freedom from Patriarchy

Patriarchy (and the hierarchical structures brought to us by patriarchy) is old thinking. For eons, humans thought it was the best we could do. It was so good that it got included in the major religions around the world. It was so good that it got included in the concepts of manufacturing and trade. It was so good, or so we thought, that we included it in our politics and the exercise of law. And it is all over the face of our money.

And yet it is easy to see in the light of recent events how this power corrupts. And it has no intention of stepping aside because it can’t imagine a better way.

One of the unique aspects of our present age is this recognition and that we need different models of meeting human needs. Author Rich Guy Miller is providing a refreshingly unique viewpoint in his recently released book, The Twelve Commitments To Life. Part of what makes his approach different is how he listens to what life itself (not human culture) wants, protects and promotes.

After the death of his father in 2011, Rich started questioning everything about the meaning of life. Up to that time, he thought he knew what it was, but in the face of death, the meaning of life was blank. So he started blogging on His examinations of how we think and believe, what inspired writers think about the meaning of life, the purpose of death rites and how we recover from tragedy became inspiring and short blog articles about finding life’s meaning.

Then he had a lucid dream in which a voice told him the meaning of life. In spite of his personal struggles, he devoted himself to explaining how to find the meaning of life in this and forthcoming books. The book is a fresh breakaway from patriarchy. It discusses in short chapters the twelve essences of life- those basic life elements that we must have to survive, grow and thrive.

  • Health
  • A hospitable environment
  • Awareness
  • Relief
  • Our tribe
  • Consciousness
  • Understanding
  • Rest
  • Arousal
  • Balance
  • Love and
  • Energy/breath.

Check out this freedom on where sample readings are available before you buy. The easy-to-read chapters are short and written for busy people. It’s time to rethink everything we have believed in and this is one great way to do it. Kindle version available, too.

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