Declare Freedom to Be Balanced

Do you focus on what is wrong “out there?” Then you have taken a lot of hits recently. Maybe life circumstances knocked you off balance and you feel like life is unpredictable, uncaring and continuously problematic.

There is a way to get back to balance.

As a sometimes juggler and unicyclist, I know that it doesn’t take much to get thrown off balance. Even when you have both feet on the ground. All it takes is hearing bad news, discovering a personal oversight or a sudden sense of doom. We are all susceptible. But what the balanced know and practice, that those off-balance don’t, is that balance comes from the center of the wheel, the center of the soul or the center of our physical energy.

This usually requires practice, focus and patience. I like the practice of Mindsight as recommended by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel in his book, “Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation.” His approach to education and child psychiatry has helped hundreds to regain their balance by spending time developing awareness of their inner sight.

Another book to help readers regain balance is Rich Guy Miller’s “The Twelve Commitments To Life.” It’s a short and easy book that helps readers focus on the twelve essentials for surviving, growing and thriving through life. Miller has a chapter devoted to balance and then weaves it into all the other life essences.

Balance is essential to life. Without it, we can’t move forward. Without balance, we can’t see. Without balance, we get side-swiped by our own energies. Without balance, fear rises to our first consciousness. Balance is necessary for growth and for thriving. Yes, it requires some practice and effort, but without it, what becomes of us? Not much.

This July 4th, declare freedom from imbalance and insist on the freedom to be balanced. The choice is yours. It not only helps you, your balance makes the world a better place.

Read an introductory chapter to The Twelve Commitments To Life.

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