Ted Miller, My Dad

One year after my father’s passing, I am reminding myself of the special place he had in many lives.Editor Ted Miller and the love of his life, Jeanne

Ted Miller was born in Lansing, Michigan to Guy and Julia Miller on May 28, 1925 and graduated from Eastern High School there, quickly entering the US Navy to serve during WWII.

Ted studied at University of Michigan and Northwestern University leaving with degrees in English Literature and Journalism. In the 50’s and into the 60’s, he wrote Sunday School curriculum and for Power magazine at Scripture Press. In 1963, he started The Christian Reader magazine, published by Tyndale House Publishers. The Christian Reader was a digest of choice Christian publications, condensed for busy readers.

Ted also authored a chronological account of biblical highlights called The Story from The Book. (The second printing re-titled it The Bible in Brief) as well as ghost writing (including Life is Tremendous, and What Ever Happened to Eden?) as well as editing for authors that appreciated his thoroughness and ability to communicate.

Ted’s delight was reading and studying the Bible, then joyfully sharing his thoughtful discoveries with family, friends, church members and readers.

Ted was husband of Jeanne Marie Hunt (for 65 years!) and father of four: James Hunt, Richard Guy, Jonathan McNeil, and Robert Reed Miller.

Ted was a sought-after book and magazine editor whose joy it was to publish the sometimes humorous, other times tragic, (but always victorious) stories of people changed by the light of God’s Word.

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  1. Chuck and Ele Hunt says:

    How nice, Rich. Did not know you had this site. We sure enjoyed our visit with Ted and Jeanne two years ago. So glad we had that special time together.

  2. Jean Doman says:

    Rich, I knew your mom and dad when I was growing up and attending Countryside Chapel. My mom Eleanor Doman also knew your parents well. I have a Bible that your parents gave to me when I graduated 8th grade she wrote in it, it still brings a smile when I read it.

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