Deciding Against Death Honors Our Ancestors’ Hopes

Look at some of the ways we (and our forebears) have tried to believe in and prove “life forever.” But this time look with new eyes, the eyes of one that understands that we are destined to have life forever.

  • By committing the dead to the gods, we gave them a form of immortality we knew was there, but could not see.
  • By declaring the soldiers killed in battle “heroes” and “models of selflessness,” we gave ourselves a belief that we could overcome the fear of death.
  • By raising large families that would follow us on earth after our demise, we believed our “seed” (or DNA) would live on even if we didn’t.
  • By raising monuments and legacies, we have sought to keep changing the future even if we were not alive to do the work.
  • By building empires, kings and emperors sought to have laws, policies and customs carry forth their own successful mental concepts.

I believe that as long as humankind has had to face death, we have sought to keep our partners, family and community members (as well as ourselves) alive. Elimination of death is our destiny. Decide against death.

Now let’s use the technology we have that our ancestors only dreamed about.

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