Decide Against Death (Dedicated to DAD)

Have you recently lost a loved one?

As a result, have you…. Gained a lot of weight? Lost a lot of weight? Lost the will to live? Lost the motivation to work? Been quickly angered? Depressed? Been feeling out of sync with your body? Lost your faith? Taken on bad habits, such as drug dependence, tobacco, alcohol, “retail therapy” or gobs and gobs of ice cream?

Have you been told that these are signs of “the grieving process?”

If you ask me, they are signs of realizing that you cannot accept death. And why should you?

Death of a loved one is the single worst thing that can happen to a survivor. Nothing else compares. There is an emptiness that cannot be filled and almost no one to turn to. Sure, people send their condolences, but each person lost to death is a separate hell for each survivor.

My name is Rich Miller. My dad was Ted Miller. A skilled editor and author, a faithful husband, father of four and an inspiring leader. He passed on April 16th, 2011. I sat with him for his last ten days. I wrote down what he said. I told him I loved him. I said my goodbyes. I am more fortunate than many survivors. And yet, I am still angry. Perhaps you can identify with me.

I am calling on other survivors that have looked death and dying in the face AND still cannot accept this ending. People who know in their hearts that there is no meaning to death, no justification for it, and no honor in it.

Talk to me. Let’s find a way to stop death. I am intent on gathering the best minds in the world and using our combined energy, our best technologies, and our subtlest creative perceptions to break this chain. WE CAN STOP DEATH! WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT FEAR OF DEATH! WE CAN LIVE FOREVER NOW! Join us in the discussion.



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