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Day 21, August 27, 2012

“High or Low” was more interesting today because I played it much faster. As soon as one score was made, I clicked “Start” sooner. I think this made me more alert. Today I scored 3426 points, up from yesterday’s 2828.

“Tell Us Apart” worked on level 10 of shee/ chee, which felt too tough for me to master. Though I passed through levels 10 and 11, I got kicked back down and really, made no progress.  Deh/ geh made no progress either. I wandered through levels 6 and 7. For baa/ paa, I went up 4 levels. My points were just average at 875.

“Sound Replay” earned me 1004 points. I struggled mostly with the replays of “uck” and “ug” combinations. (Buck, bug, puck, tug…) It was an average score for me, down from last session’s 1390. “Sound Replay” was the second hardest session so far.

“Listen and Do” felt pretty good today. I handled 5 instructions, then into 6, I was bumped back to 4, then I sailed into and through 5 and into 6 again. My score (966) was the third highest of 9 sessions I have completed. Not bad. Feeling good. I can do this.

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