David Frost and the Panel of Death

Teens and pre-teens, with the lights turned down, will discuss life and death. What is life? What is death? Where do we go? When and how?

But here’s some adults facing the issue under studio lights. It’s David Frost with a panel including Rosalyn Hayward, Rev H. A. Harry Williams, John Bechman and Nichol Williamson.

Actor Williamson reads a piece from playwright Samuel Beckett, describing the terror of dying and facing death.

Filmed possibly around 1968

I think it is appropriate to look at death now instead of waiting until our last breath. It is now that I can appreciate life and the consequences of not living fully.

Isn’t death feared because we waited so long to discover what living was all about? Or because we became so attached to what we had- things that were attachments, not our real, alive self?

Rather than waiting for the death grip to convince me that I am alive, I stare down death now, simply by living my life fully, consciously and in committed partnership with it. Then, no matter what happens, I lived an ideal life.

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2 Responses to David Frost and the Panel of Death

  1. jim says:

    The video was dramatic, but near-death experiences and similar back-from-the-other-side accounts indicate that death typically is and will not be anything like Beckett’s description, and instead has been or can or will be a fearless and calm transition.

    • rguy says:

      Thanks, Jim, for commenting. I agree. This reading was almost made-for-TV dramatic, and is not the last word on death. The conversation about death is where I see the greatest value. I certainly don’t fear death like Beckett wrote, yet I am doing what I can to avoid it in any case.

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