Why We Crave the New

Humans are forever creating new things, making new connections and wanting to hear what’s new. Why is that? Is it, like I was taught, that we are covetous, lustful and insatiable? Or is it, like religious teachers assure us, the proof that we are seeking to fill a spiritual need? Or perhaps, as the psychologists suggest, newness helps us to deny and disconnect with issues that haunt us from the past. Any one of these theories can be supported, depending on your assumptions about human nature.

I have a different angle on why we crave the new. It’s based on a different assumption about human nature. It’s this: we are children of the future, where it’s all new. We crave the new because new is “home.” New is the destiny we cannot deny. New is as original as we are. Newness stimulates us to connect with the life process in anticipation of growth, awareness and more involvement with life.

To accept this position, I have found it necessary to let go of the concept that we are made up of our personal and shared past. Instead, we are made up from future elements.  To me, it is not our past shaping our future, but our future pulling us to itself (like a mother calls her children) with unrelenting passion. And as long as we think the past is making our choices, we are dogged by it and do not accept our true identity, children of the future. (I have often criticized the idea of Karma, our unforgiving past chasing us with consequences of old choices.)

Yes, because the future is full of promise in an evolutionary way, I know that our future is bright, whole and fulfilling. I have no fear of what the future brings. I know it will challenge me, but that is to teach me more about my capabilities and my unity with others that are similarly challenged.

The future is coming, no thanks to the past. The future is here, growing and teaching me. The future is me, creating this opportunity to live in love where before I could not, and opportunities to serve where before I only thought of myself. To believe and hope where before I doubted and feared. The future picture is now clear: I am creating my reality; how could I create if I wasn’t in the future of the creation?

Children of the future, does this ring true to you? How chained are you to the past? How insistent are you that your sins hold you in their evil grasp? Are you willing to consider that the future pulls you every moment of the day out of the past? If so, then which is more supportive of you: the future or the past? Let the past go, know why you crave the new and join us as a child of the future.

Re-read this post if the ideas do not resonate. It may take some time to come to this awareness. Don’t react; ask questions. Consider it because it could fill you with hope, direction and new identity. Look and listen for resonances in your day and watch how the future opens up into newness, love and joy.

I like this quote from Mike Anissimov, a twitter connection, “How long will it take for people to realize that over- focusing on the present is simply short-sighted?” And being entrenched in the past is simply a grave error.



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