Did I Hear a Complaint?

I heard myself complain today.

No, I don’t want to hear my complaints. Complaints are lies. Complaints come from the wounded ego. The proof is in the content. Aren’t all complaints about not being served according to one’s realistic and justifiable expectations? That is just plain not true.

The reason complaints get heard is because we all have a wounded ego. This hurt feeling connects you and me and thinks it understands even as it bypasses our mental filters and logical processes. Sometimes the complaint feels like we have been wounded, attacked or abandoned. The old wound gets re-opened.

But there is no reason to complain if I am alive this morning. If I awoke, I am alive and able to do something about everything that comes my way. It may take time, but I have time as long as I stay alive.

Here was the complaint… “I’m tired. I worked so hard! Nobody helped me get to this point. It was all me.”

Here is the better statement, “It may feel like being tired, but it is really me realizing that right now it feels amazingly good to relax. It’s the perfect time to enjoy complete relaxation.”

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