Committing to life “as it is”

Yesterday I was explaining what it means to commit to life “as it is.” And it occurred to me that perhaps I had not written this for the blog. It is an important point. I speak about “committing to life as it is” in my book, and there I only went over it briefly.

“Committing to life as it is” means to commit to life as we experience it, not committing to life if it gives me what I want, committing to my expectations of life, committing to how others tell me it should be, according to what is good, according to God’s law, according to what is fair, or committing to life as it needs to be for me to fit into my group.

“Committing to life as I experience it” means that I must spend some significant time observing it “as it is.” We all have the ability to observe, outside of our ego attachments, and even if we have not practiced that much, it is available to us. Observing is so important to loving, understanding and having gratitude for life, that one could almost come to the conclusion that our work on earth is to be observers. Even science has discovered that our ability to observe is as critical to reality as material facts.

One of the best tools I use for observation I call “Living COLA,” which is living with conscious Curiosity, Openness, Love and Acceptance. Living COLA helps the observer to see life as it is without attachments to what we want or expect it to be.

Commitment to life does not include committing to the daily bullshit we are used to, or things that don’t make sense to us, no matter how much those values make sense to others. The commitment I am talking about is not a commitment to idly observing life. It is not saying “I commit.” Committing requires spending time and resources to the twelve essences of life including Health, Rest, Arousal, Love, Energy, etc. (Read more from the book about the twelve essences of life.)

Without commitment, life (like shit) happens. With commitment, we understand and experience the commitment that the life-force has to us. It’s the partnership in commitment that gives life its fullest meaning.

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