Clues to Longevity

Recent studies of longevity are being written up in’s health pages, summing up ten clues to longevity.

The clues include your ability to walk quickly, your gender, social involvement and positive emotions. It’s a short read and may be helpful.

I have some questions, however, as to whether the studies overlooked other important factors or were simply dismissed by the author’s bias. Clearly, health and longevity are influenced by what we eat. How could that go unnoticed? Dental hygiene is another, often overlooked, factor. What drugs and how many are you taking? How well do you manage your brain health? I feel that these are more important factors than four other factors mentioned in this article: things like telomere length, what year you were born, gender or giving birth after 40. These factors aren’t ones we have any control over.

I also am inclined to give a vote of confidence to centenarian Helen Howland who said her secret was to always have something to look forward to. Being over 100 isn’t about winning some prize; it’s about contributing to others as long as possible knowing that life always has more good around the next corner.

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