Change, the Only Constant

They say change is inevitable. It certainly seems to be true. And the proof is that it’s not just insignificant things that change, like the faces on coins. Change is constant.

The most significant things of life have changed and are changing still. How we court and have sex. How we have babies. How we travel. How we eat. How we stay warm. How we talk. How we treat disease. How we drink water. How we spend and manage our money. How we live as families. How we do business. How we get news. How we are entertained. It has all changed.

I don’t fear change. It is. And I embrace it as necessary. What most people don’t speculate on is why things always change. Perhaps there are too many forces at work to pin it down, but I am going to try. I believe it is because we humans are change agents. It is our job. We can’t seem to leave anything alone. And we weren’t meant to.

Someday, even death will change. It hasn’t changed that much over the course of several thousand years. Yes, we used to die more from diseases, crime, inhumanity and war than old age. But we still die with regrets, accidents, disease, anger, lots of war and some disillusionment. That too, will change. Everything changes.

I believe that death must change because the future demands it, because in the future, we will no longer accept it and because death is our ultimate enemy. I believe we will get rid of self-hatred that accepts death, religions that promote sacrificial death, and governments that send their best and brightest to war. I believe that death will not have the last say as the prophets of doom portend, but that life will have the last say, as love and goodness will.

Call me a dreamer, but I know the future still brings change. Death is not unchangeable. Prepare for life forever now.

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