Change is the Only Certainty

It may seem odd, but honest scientists are hard pressed to predict certainties on the horizon. They would probably all bet easily on the sun rising the next morning in the East. But they couldn’t say it is a certainty. And I can understand that. We know that everything changes.

Science has declared certainty is an illusion. Is anything certain? Only change is certain.

What about death? Isn’t death certain? No. Death is not certain. Our skin and organ cells may need to die so new ones can replace them, but that does not mean that death of the entire body is certain. It is possible that the cells could reproduce endlessly. We do not need to die. We only need to change.

We can change from the certainty of death, just as our ancestors accepted the world as round, the earth as part of a larger universe and disease as a life process, not a curse from God.

So the only certainty left is change. We will change. We will defeat death. We will have the opportunity to grow old, wise, rich from centuries of compounded interest and blessed beyond our present imaginations.



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