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Bonding with Life

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of bonding with my new dog Molly. THE PROBLEM It began with having to discipline her for her “fear biting.” Of course, I recognized that she had been abused a couple years back in a … Continue reading

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Overpopulation Myth

It’s crazy when you think about it, but not in the way we’ve been told to think. We’ve been told, with statistical “proof” that human beings are becoming too populous for the planet. And while people of various political, religious, … Continue reading

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Heat, Stress and Living to 100

I don’t now about you, but the heat seems to be producing more stress. And when the heat seems unrelenting, the stress builds and we can feel so stressed that we are less able to connect our thoughts, complete tasks, … Continue reading

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Humility, the Unsung Hero: An Interview

Recently, I had the rare (really rare) opportunity to interview Humility. Usually working in the background, and often misunderstood as weak or failing to thrive, Humility, IMHO, is a hero in the development of wisdom and understanding. Me: Humility, what … Continue reading

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Understanding the Power of Death

Death wields ultimate power over us, or so it seems. Having encountered it (not the theatrical versions), death shakes us of our illusions of self-power, control and imperviousness. For many of us it goes even further to make us fearful … Continue reading

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Changing our faltering mythology

A recent review of Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero’s Journey, offered an insight into who we are as a people and maybe why we are here at this point in time. Joseph’s lifelong work was to study the myths of … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be

What allows people to accept death instead of a life that lasts for 1000 years and beyond? Is there some kind of barrier that stops people from considering living a long life that contributes over and over to the wisdom … Continue reading

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