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Are We Aware that Living Fully Is Our Most Important Job?

When did you first become aware that living fully is the most important thing you could do? Sometimes we only realize that we have not been living fully when we encounter a tragedy, such as the death of a loved … Continue reading

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Death of Guilt

Guilt makes death a little harder. Or a lot harder. We feel guilty because we didn’t do this for “him” before he died. He died feeling guilty that he didn’t do what he said he would do for you. Or … Continue reading

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David Frost and the Panel of Death

Teens and pre-teens, with the lights turned down, will discuss life and death. What is life? What is death? Where do we go? When and how? But here’s some adults facing the issue under studio lights. It’s David Frost with … Continue reading

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Is Death Necessary?

It seems like a valid question. Is death necessary? Many people think it is. Others wonder. To take the doubt away, I’d like to approach this question via another angle: what is necessary for life and would death be included? … Continue reading

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Understanding the Power of Death

Death wields ultimate power over us, or so it seems. Having encountered it (not the theatrical versions), death shakes us of our illusions of self-power, control and imperviousness. For many of us it goes even further to make us fearful … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be

What allows people to accept death instead of a life that lasts for 1000 years and beyond? Is there some kind of barrier that stops people from considering living a long life that contributes over and over to the wisdom … Continue reading

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We ALL Die, A Story

A Story “We ALL die,” he declared to the other, who was struggling with the death of his father. What an amazingly unreasonable thing to communicate to another person! Not only does it lack any reason, it couldn’t be more … Continue reading

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