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Jessica Loves Her Life

This adorable video strikes home! (Apologies if you already saw it, but, I have seen it several times and still find it inspirational.) My wife and I often repeat, hopefully, with as much enthusiasm as Jessica, the things we love … Continue reading

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Are You Happy?

Finally, medical science is beginning to look at how happiness affects our ability to stay healthy, heal and age.   I was listening to the YouTube video of the First Annual Healthy and Active Aging Conference at UCSD, October 2012.  … Continue reading

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Optimism Rewires Our Brain

This link is to a review of “Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain” by the psychologist and neuroscientist Elaine Fox. The review (by Deborah Kotz) is short and the information is good. She makes “Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain” a promising read. And … Continue reading

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Grief Recess

Grieving is a long process. No one can say how long it will take or what we must endure in the process. During it, we can be of two states of mind. On one hand, we crave normalcy. On the … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

A recent visit to a favorite spot also occasioned a re-visit to “The Wizard of Oz.” There in a romantic get-away, my wife and I snuggled in bed and watched the timeless story of Dorothy and her search for a … Continue reading

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In Praise of Mischief

Mischief rarely gets its due. In fact, if it weren’t for mischief, many of us wouldn’t have been born or made the unique contributions to life that we have. As children, we are punished for making mischief. Our parents and … Continue reading

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Wit and Wisdom, Centenarian Style

Centenarians have a variety of personal characteristics that seem to pre-dispose them to a long life. Besides not abusing their bodies over their lifetime, many stay active mentally and physically. The wit of comedian and centenarian George Burns is legendary. … Continue reading

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