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Living the Future in the Present

I have this strange belief about the future. I think some, probably a majority, of us, are here in the present, but from the future. We retain a memory of what the future is like. It is amazing, full of … Continue reading

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Bonding with Life

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of bonding with my new dog Molly. THE PROBLEM It began with having to discipline her for her “fear biting.” Of course, I recognized that she had been abused a couple years back in a … Continue reading

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Stay Younger for Longer

Ben Fletcher blogs in Psychology Today about staying younger for longer. It’s the simple things we can do to avoid succumbing to age.   Ben regularly reminds himself that habits have a tendency to stop growth and interaction. He says … Continue reading

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Resolution 2014 Post Script

I realize that in my last post, I used some self-deprecating comments like “I am only boringly normal.” But lest you think that I’m starting the new year on a depressive note, I am very grateful to be normal! Firstly, … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno

What a delightful read! The Inferno blends the worlds of Art, Historical Inquiry, Travel, Architecture and Literature with the sciences of computerized tracking systems and Genetics. What it raised for me, particularly for this blog, is the issue of overpopulation. … Continue reading

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Age Is Just a Number

Thanks to my Facebook friend Bernardo Mendez, (Host of, I have an inspiring short interview to share with you. Bern brought my attention to an amazing 82 year-old, Sister Madonna Buder. She doesn’t let her age stop her from … Continue reading

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Brain Health with Dr Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD is well-recognized for his willingness to go beyond the medicine that US physicians are taught. He tells in his book Breathing, the Master Key to Self Healing, that he had to discover on his own the … Continue reading

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