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Moving Forward Faster

Have you ever wanted to move forward more quickly? I ask that because some people don’t want to move forward at all. They want to stay secure or move at a comfortable pace while the world goes by. You might … Continue reading

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Resolution 2014

Last December (2013), I realized that my watchword for 2014 was to be “more joy.” This wasn’t about the Christmas spirit but a realization that as committed as I am to the 12 Commitments to Life (as explained in my … Continue reading

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Serious or Curious about Life

I am curious about some of the responses I get to my July 17th post that there is no hard evidence that life is serious. “In fact, not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the argument that life … Continue reading

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Are You Happy?

Finally, medical science is beginning to look at how happiness affects our ability to stay healthy, heal and age.   I was listening to the YouTube video of the First Annual Healthy and Active Aging Conference at UCSD, October 2012.  … Continue reading

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A Sculpted Brain Guarantees a Healthy Future

Imagine a world in which the activities we engage in make us dumber. Perhaps you have seen the social commentary cum comedy called “Idiocracy.” And if you look around, you know it is coming true now; people just aren’t as … Continue reading

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Video Introduction of The Twelve Commitments To Life

Rich gives a book overview for The Twelve Commitments To Life, a short and easy to read book that can help improve love, sense of purpose, health, concentration, growth, relationships and more. Rich’s book is available at

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Are We Aware that Living Fully Is Our Most Important Job?

When did you first become aware that living fully is the most important thing you could do? Sometimes we only realize that we have not been living fully when we encounter a tragedy, such as the death of a loved … Continue reading

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