Brain Fitness, Day 9

“High or Low”: Today’s goal is to “lower the gap between sounds by 17 milliseconds.” Today’s session of “High or Low” was much harder, and instead of speeding up to get as many points as possible (like I did yesterday) I focused on the goal, distinguishing between the shorter sounds with shorter gaps between them. My point total came down a bit to 3210, down from 3592. The summary reads that the 30 second millisweeps became harder by 4 steps and the 25 millisweeps by 6 steps.

The second game was “Tell Us Apart,” a game where I try to tell the difference between phonemes, “the smallest parts of words that carry meaning.” It might be the sound of “shi” or “gee.” As the game progresses, I hear less and less of the “hard” sound and equal amounts of the vowel sound.

What this exercise triggers is a part of the brain beyond the auditory cortex, the instructional video explained. And the fact that there is a similar sound structure to “d” and “t” or “d” and “b” makes it easier for the brain to confuse the sounds.

Today, I am challenged to get to level 7 of “sah” vs. “stah.”

After “sah” vs. “stah” I worked on “kee” vs. “gee” up to level 7. For this, I received 821 points, up from 683.

“Sound Replay” had the goal of adding a sound by completing two more groups, each group consisting of four sounds.

“Threshold,” I was reminded, “is the ‘sweet spot’ where your brain works hardest to improve itself.” My points today were 528, up from 461. I really struggled with recalling five nonsensical sounds in a row and was moved back to four.

“Listen and Do” followed. That is where I hear instructions to click on a “random” character or building and then after a pause, click one after the other. Today’s score was 685, down from 796 and 700 on previous sessions. I am not sure the score reflects the level of difficulty, as I was able to graduate to a higher level and complete several in that set.

Daily Summary: “High or Low” was up and “Tell Us Apart” was up. “Sound Replay” was down slightly and “Listen and Do” was slightly up. I am pleased with the progress, all in all.

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