Brain Fitness, Day 7

Day 7, August 2, 2012

“High or Low” went easy again today. I noticed that at one point, I had been enjoying such a long winning streak that the points per “hand” were way up. My score today was 3337, way up from last session’s 2406. That felt good.

The benefits of this game are explained this way, “You can’t tell by listening, but every sound in English is made up of several sub-sounds, some of which are similar to the sounds in ‘High and Low.’ Mastering the art of telling sounds apart may help you understand people better, even when they are mumbling or speaking quickly.” I think that mastering the sounds could also help you hear yourself so you can improve your elocution.

The goal today of “Match It” (the game similar to “Concentration”) was to clear the next grid in less than 77 clicks. This grid was cut short yesterday due to the end of the fifteen-minute time period. I had to reacquaint myself with all of the sounds left over. But I did achieve the goal, anyway. I got the message “Your have completed the largest grid with clicks to spare, an impressive achievement!”

The next set was another grid of 30, but this time harder because all of the thirty sounds had the same sound in the middle of the word/sound. Like tap, bad, back, tad, pad… My score went down a bit from yesterday (676, down from 744 and 961 before that.) It seems remembering 30 very similar sounds made this one difficult. On the last set, I was unable to pair up all the sounds in the assigned 150 tries.

“Sound Replay.” The assigned goal was to move up to five sounds in a row. I struggled with this one, too, but my score was up, so that’s good!

The newest and final of the Brain Fitness games is called “Story Teller.” This is supposed to be the culmination of all the skills developed in the previous exercises. The task is to listen to a story and answer questions related to details of the story. It sounds easy, I know, but the voice was (by design) unclear, so listening focus was required to even understand it, besides the effort of storing the details for recall.

My first score was 458. It did not seem like a very high score, but I’m not working real hard…yet.

After today’s session, my program sent me to a community page online that announced, “We are here to help you succeed. We look forward [to] your participating, questions, answers and stories.” It is an interesting page of resources that includes “Frequently Asked Questions” (as written by the participants), “Ideas” that have been submitted, “Common Problems” people are expressing as well as additional support links. These additional pages include the Posit Science home page, product guides, the Brain Science podcast, Facebook page and another that interested me, “Margaret’s Brain Fitness Blog.” I wonder if she is blogging her results like I am.

Finally, I see a “Join the Community” link. I am going to do that and leave some positive feedback.

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