Brain Fitness, Day 6

Day 6 August 1, 2012

Today I went on to finish yesterday’s abbreviated session, so it was only 45 minutes. The session started with “Tell Us Apart,” the game that has you listen to sounds that sound similar, but are made more similar by audio technology. I had been struggling with the difference between the “b” and “d” (boo and due). Today was no different. Well, yes it was different; it was worse.

I also had no improvement between the “dah” and “gah.” Only a little difficulty between doe and toe, because there I only went down one level! Today’s score for “Tell Us Apart” was 613, up from 569 the last session (July 30.)

“Match It” is the game like “Concentration” and continued to rise in difficulty. The score 744 was a little better than the first day I tried it, and quite a bit lower than last session, when it was 961. I like this game. Today I was assigned a grid of 30 sounds to match, up from 24. So it was definitely more challenging. This will help me recall sounds after I have heard others, similar sounds like gap, cap, tap and fat.

This was my first day of “Listen and Do.” I think I indicated on my first post that directions are hard for me to remember. It happens all the time with software one is trying to learn. For example, learning a program (or solving some technical glitch), we can be instructed to “go to ‘my digit box,’ then scroll down until you see the “settings” menu. Right click on that to open a new window showing your personal preferences, where you will find your color options. Be sure to…” I try to visualize the instructions beforehand using images of what I know and have done before. But not knowing what those boxes and options look like, I get confused when I encounter the real thing, which looks nothing like what I have seen before.

“Listen and Do” is designed to strengthen memory storage for recall on demand. It starts with directions like “click on the boy, then click on the girl.” It should be easy, but it challenges me because I don’t understand the reasoning behind the sequence. If it were to make the boy ask the girl out for a date, that would be different! Then the sequences got longer and, for me, harder to see any reason to the order. I did okay the first day and increased by four steps. But I missed a couple of times when the frame included a dozen items and I was instructed to click on some and move others in a sequence of five or six.

My score was 700

I didn’t do Sound Replay today because it was not presented. The score remains at 1704.

The end of the program  showed something new today, a record of how many sessions I had completed and how many were left. Only 35 are left, and I think I will need every one of them the way it’s going.

My scores today looked down, but I’m not discouraged. For one thing, we all have days when we aren’t at our peak. For another, and maybe there’s a bit of justification there, but it seem true: experience is always a win. (The totals went up, even if the daily scores were less impressive.) Trying is always a win when the goal is to get better. Thirdly, goals are what matter, not barriers. Low scores may seem like a barrier. The best antidote to low scores that I know of is to see the goal, shining bright and knowing that the only thing in my way is me, not some immoveable force (or uncooperative computer program).

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