Brain Fitness, Day 5

Day 5 was an abbreviated session, as other issues pressed me for attention. But I did not dare break the trend, doing no brain training at all. I got in one fifteen-minute session of High or Low and did quite well. It was good to use the focus to not only do well, but put aside other stressors.

Today, I noticed more of the frame surrounding the high and low buttons. I noticed that the points I was getting for my efforts were not always the same; they raised and lowered according to the difficulty. And I could pay more attention to what I think is called the “Challenge Meter” across the top.  It has bars and arrows that seem to indicate when a certain threshold has been engaged or surpassed. And there was the time clock. I saw it before, because it gives a running record of how much time is left in the exercise, starting at 15 and working down to 1 and 0. But I felt more aware of the passing of time and its limits.

Half of the frame was a developing picture of the reward type I had chosen as in previous days. Today I chose animals. In this frame, a fairly large block of space started out as blotches of color and with each right answer, the blotches got more defined, other blotches were added and a picture developed. In this case the pictures went from cute puppies, to wild cats, to a lizard’s eye, a saddled horse, etc. It became a side guessing game as I listened to the whistles and clicked the arrow if the whistle went up or down.

I also noticed that at certain thresholds, the whistles would become shorter. And to compensate for the added difficulty, at first there would be more space between the two whistles. This helps the brain to process the shorter sounds, it was explained. Then the gap between the sounds shortened and the brain was challenged to process the sounds more quickly. And simultaneously, the difficulty grew and the points increased. So, my higher score today was a sign of improved hearing, or rather, processing. Today’s score for High or Low was 2406. Yeah!

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