Brain Fitness, Day 19

Brain Fitness Blog, Day 19, August 23, 2012

High or Low” opened with a continuation of the previous high and low sounds, but they were much harder today. I advanced through two more levels of difficulty without stress. Points today were 2828, up from yesterday.

My “Match It” score today was a bit lower, but not too much. “Match It” was tougher today due to the similarity of sounds, like it increases difficulty in “Sound Replay.” Now, there is a 30-place grid of mostly similar sounds, like “tip, bid, pit, big, tig, pig…”

“Sound Replay” was tough again for the same reasons as before. I have been practicing a little, trying to recall the order of sounds like, “buck, guck, pup, tug,” and “tip, big, bid, pit.” I did better on four sounds today, and I struggled with five sounds in a row, as before. BTW, Posit Science, the tips that are available before the session were not much help.

“Story Teller” used the new, faster voice again today, bringing the difficulty level to its highest so far. My score of 650 was slightly higher than yesterday. I could have done better, it seems, if the answers that were offered to choose from were not so subject to interpretation.

The best thing about today was that I didn’t have as much brain freeze as I had yesterday in level 5 of “Sound Replay.”

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