Brain Fitness, Day 11

Posit Science, Brain Fitness program

“High or Low” went very well today. I like this exercise so much. It reminds me of some training I had in grade school when I was being tutored for a lisp. I had to listen to correct ways of saying words and was supposed to repeat them. I enjoyed that exercise so much that I consciously delayed my results. I didn’t progress like I should have. I wish we had more exercises on sounds back then. I think it would have helped my learning. Many times I went to the doctor to have my ears cleaned out or tested, because I just wasn’t hearing as well as other kids. I think that hearing deficiencies delay progress in school.

My score for “High or Low” was impressive: 4653. The message displayed that “You have mastered this exercise for sweeps that are 30 milliseconds long.”

“Tell Us Apart” challenged me at the start, “If you can advance by 2 emphasis levels, you will reach the highest emphasis level in sah/stah yet.”

On boe/doe, I got up to level 13, finished it and went to 14, the highest I saw on the challenge meter. For gee/kee, I advanced to level 10, then 11. But 11 was too hard for me to distinguish.

According to the chart summary, the difficulty in gee/kee didn’t change. Sah/stah went up two steps of difficulty. Boe/doe did not get any harder, either. However, points for “Tell Us Apart” today was 888, my best ever.

“Match It” was next, matching the sounds laid out on the grid of 24 spots. It didn’t seem much (or any) harder. Points were 1063, slightly up from 1017 the session before.

Story Teller continued the story of the obstacle driving course and I missed a couple of the details, as discovered by the questions at the end. My score was only slightly down. 640, down from 656.

Next came an introduction to “Reflective Journals.” This option seems to mirror what I have been doing in this blog, only these entries aren’t published online like my thoughts are here. Posit Science provides a screen on which to record the participant’s reflections (not reported to Posit Science) because after two weeks of this program, mental improvements and changes start to become perceptible. These may be experienced in their brain fitness program, some improvements in daily living or even their attitude. Recording these improvements helps to solidify them and influence further brain growth. Although I am not surprised about this information, it is a nice confirmation that I am taking care of my brain by doing the program and recording my experience

Today’s summary showed that H/L, Tell Us Apart, and Story Teller all went up in difficulty. Match It stayed the same.

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