Brain Fitness, Day 10

“For High or Low,” I scored another new high, 3650. The 40-second millisweeps became harder by 1 step. The 35-second millisweeps by 2 steps and the 30-second millisweeps by 7 steps.

“Tell Us Apart” continued with “sah” vs. “stah.” At first, I couldn’t tell any difference, as the “t” sound in “stah” seemed inaudible. So, I just guessed. And I advanced to level 10. But my success did not last long. I couldn’t shine at level 10 and got kicked back to level 8. That’s when my time for “sah” vs. “gah” ended.

The exercise continued with “doe” vs. “boe.” I got up to level 12, though to me, the “b” in “boe” was inaudible. My progress was possible because I could tell the “oe” that I heard from the contrasted “doe.” Next was “gee” vs. “kee.” It was harder than last time, but I got to level 11. The summary showed that I made no progress in “sah/ stah,” improved by 5 steps in “boe/ doe,” and improved by 2 steps in “gee/ key.” My total points in “Tell Us Apart” was only 756, down from 821, but still better than all previous sessions.

I did today’s session at the end of the day, rather than at the first, as I have been doing, and only half a session. That’s because today when we woke up, we discovered that my stepdaughter’s car had been vandalized with a bucket of paint and we spent most of the day rushing to clean the paint off before it got drier or baked on by the sun. It exhausted us; so I think I did okay today, considering the level of physical exhaustion I faced. I was glad that I kept the ball rolling.

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