Brain Fitness Blog, Day 26

Brain Fitness Blog, Day 26, September 5, 2012

“Tell Us Apart” continued with “dah/gah,” “doe/toe” and “bu/du.” Today I spent even more time in the practice areas. For “doe/ toe” it paid off. And though some of my answers were more intuitive than “heard” with my ears, I surprised myself. I advanced through levels 11, 12 and 13. I was in level 14, almost at the last “heat” when the training ran out of time! My points were not stellar, but they were up from yesterday and according to the Brain Fitness summary, the most difficult so far. (Score: 828.)

My “Match It” score (854) suffered a bit today with average difficulty. I felt my concentration wasn’t as sharp as yesterday.

“Sound Replay” again, was the highest difficulty so far. (Oddly enough, Brain Fitness doesn’t increase the difficulty each session. It’s like life that way. The folks at Posit Science give the participants some slack, presumably to further establish the progress and to avoid discouraging them.) My score was just over 1000 at 1055. And even though the difficulty has been worse, some days even moderate difficulty can stress me when I hear 4 or 5 “konks” on the head for wrong answers. Yes, the sound you get when making a wrong answer sounds more like a “konk” than a soft “try again.” And if I could change one thing in this program, I think this should be considered.

“Listen and Do” was at a fairly high difficulty level today. My score (749) was higher than last time but not any achievement.

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