Brain Fitness Blog, Day 25

In light of the pedantic results, I will keep this post short.

“Tell Us Apart” continued with dah/ gah, doe/ toe and bu/ du. Only bu/du made any progress.

“Match It” challenged me to match the pairs in fewer than 63 clicks. I did. And I noticed slightly better concentration. Points were 1454, a new high.

“Sound Replay” gave me a decent score, my third highest. 1216.

“Story Teller” was finished today. There will be no more of these stories with challenges to my re-collective abilities. These were not really that hard, so I am sad to see it “go” without more of a challenge.

Now, two of the six programs are done. What’s left are: “Tell Us Apart,” “Match It,” “Sound Replay” and “Listen and Do.” Except for “Match It,” these are the ones that challenge me the most.

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