Brain Fitness Blog Day 24

“High or Low,” the game/ training that opened all previous sessions was finished today. This announcement came after 9 minutes into the session, so the session was 6 minutes shorter than usual. The difficulty scale showed that I had encountered the hardest so far and I am sorry to see it “go.” It was such an easy way to get started, even if it got challenging to tell the difference as the program got into its last few days. “Congratulations!” It chirped.

“Match It” continued on the 30-place grid. I don’t seem to be improving much with my concentration, but the program keeps giving me kudos for finishing the grids with clicks to spare. My score was 1352. A new high.

“Sound Replay” began where I left of, replaying five sounds. I don’t seem to be able to start off that way, I need four sounds to get me established first. The five sounds that employ like sounding words still is a challenge for me, the “but, tub, buck, tag, tuck” variety. The 1210 score was okay and better than my average, but I would like to master these similar sounding words.

“Story Teller” continued with a story about Martin, Lucas, and Jeremy’s amazing catches of fish. I missed today’s scoring, but the difficulty was rated as harder than all previous. It appears that I have good recollection of a majority of the story’s details as I consistently miss none or only one or two of the questions. Maybe being a journalist accounts for some of that. I listen to people’s stories a lot and find them fascinating.

I must apologize to my readers for such uninteresting reports. Sometimes these reports are more for my accountability than for interesting content…unless you are evaluating brain fitness software, which would be great.

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