Brain Fitness Blog, Day 23

Brain Fitness Blog, Day 23, August 30, 2012

“High or Low” reached a pretty high score (4614) today, through a few pitch changes and rated as difficult as I have had before. I get a better score if I am more prompt at pressing the “Start”. Another thing I noticed: the visual rewards come more quickly in “High or Low” than the rest of the “games.” That gives the entire session a more positive start.

“Tell Us Apart” continued to challenge me with telling the difference between some “d,” “b,” and “g” sounds. For dee/ gee, I found it impossible (so far) to get past level 8. For dah/ gah I can’t get past level 6 (half way). For doe/ toe, I am stuck in level 11. I have been taking more time in the practice area playing the sounds over and over to find a difference. For dah/ gah, I had the weird experience of hearing both as “bah” today. After practicing for a few minutes, I started to hear “dah” as “dah.” Then I went to practicing of  “gah” over and over. After ten or so practices, I heard the sound shift from “bah” to “gah.” Then I went back to “dah” and heard “bah.” I listened to “dah” until I heard “dah” and not “bah.” I then went back to “gah” and heard “bah.” I listened to “gah” until I heard “gah,” not “bah.” Back and forth. I may have to spend hours learning to hear the difference. I know it is possible to hear the difference, I just don’t hear it on the first play. All I hear is “bah.”

I didn’t notice points for “Tell Us Apart” today, but at the session summary, I noticed that it is at the highest difficulty I have had so far, though equal to one other session.

For “Match It,” I moved from the 24-place grid to the 30-place grid and seemed to do well there as well. (I passed through this before when I was doing the “easier” speech level. My points were 1278, my highest yet for “Match It.”

“Story Teller” was faster, with lots of details to pay attention to. There were three story segments and for two of them, I answered 100% correct. Points were 908, another high at what the graph shows as the highest difficulty so far in the program.

I am encouraged to recall that experts in brain plasticity (found in the SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness) say they can foresee no limits to brain development. And while some age factors may slow progress, we can always learn more if we apply ourselves with interest and combine this focus with periods of reward and rest.

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