Brain Fitness Blog, Day 22

Day 22, August 29, 2012

“High or Low” started getting noticeably hard today. It wasn’t so hard as to be an unpleasant exercise. I know it’s harder because I got a few more wrong and not because I wasn’t paying attention. According to the summary, the 150 millisecond, 500 Hz tones got harder by 4 steps, the 100 millisecond, 500 Hz tones were harder by one step and the 100 millisecond, 1000 Hz tones became more difficult by 3 steps. The daily summary at the end of the session indicated that it was the third most challenging session of “High or Low” that I have completed. Points were 3122. Down from yesterday’s 3426, but better than two sessions ago.

“Tell Us Apart” was also difficult. I worked on deh/ geh, baa/ paa and dee/ gee. I am at a standstill for the most part, spending my time just trying to hear the differences and unconcerned about score, because I can’t hear what I need to hear to move forward. The daily summary indicated that it was the most difficult I have completed. Points were 800, a slightly lower than average score for me.

“Match It” changed from sound level 2 to level 3. I didn’t seem to have any trouble with this sound level (less emphasized and faster) though the challenge started with simple grids of eight sounds to match. I got through those easily enough, proceeded to the 16 grid and was working on the 24 grid when we ran out of time. Difficulty showed as medium, but it gave me my second highest score.

“Listen and Do” started where I left off last time, recalling an order of 6 commands. I saw that 6 is the toughest level the program assigns, but I am still not up to it. After a couple of wrong answers, the instructions switched to a different sort of activity. The points dropped as well and I earned only 587.

Again, I felt like my head was full of instructions and it wasn’t ready to let go of the last set when the next set was given. The new instructions seemed to drop right out. Not “in one ear, out the other.” It was more like I actually heard the instructions, but they wouldn’t fit, or had no place to grab onto, so they were as quickly lost. The Brain Fitness score was low, but the summary indicated that I had been dealing with the most difficult level so far.

This second half is proving to be a tough one. But now that I am into this for over four weeks, I feel just as determined to see it through. I like having a challenge to exercise and stimulate my brain. And though I seem to be operating at my maximum, the games are not a stressful sort of exercise; and there is just enough play included to let me smile my way through the tough spots.

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