Brain Fitness Blog, Day 17

Day 17, August 21, 2012

“High or Low” was, again, a very good session. It gets me on board attention-wise without stress. I particularly feel good when I see the occasional rewards of animal pictures: up-close reptiles, wild cats, apes, horses and birds etc. Today’s points were similar to last session: 1975.

“Tell Us Apart” returned to baa/daa, where I got through most of level 14 when time for the round ended. We went on to sheh/che and deh/geh. I just started paa/ gaa when the fifteen minute session closed. Points today were 877, slightly up from last session last week.

“Match It” continued with the 30-grid scheme. With additional concentration, it wasn’t that much harder than the 24-place grid. I think I’m getting the hang of this!

“Story Teller” continued with the zoo story from last week. I aced the first set of questions (15 out of 15), then for the second heat, I missed two out of 20. (I admit to being distracted.) My points held up from last time and even became a high score for me on this exercise. Story Teller is supposed to help me “keep more information in mind at a time.”

I had to skip yesterday’s daily exercise. Sometimes, I feel too distracted and don’t want to suffer a bad score. I hope this isn’t an indication of poor discipline on my part. Today’s results didn’t indicate that the rest had caused any slip in progress.

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