Brain Fitness Blog, Day 16

Day 16, August 17, 2012

Today was not an exciting day on the Brain Fitness Blog front. There, I said it.

“High or Low” continued with the new sound pattern. It’s still not very hard and I wondered where it is leading. My score of 1980 was up from 1462 yesterday. That’s a pretty nice improvement, but it’s not been that hard with the new sound. I am just proceeding with shorter and shorter sound bursts. The best part here is starting the hour-long session with an activity that doesn’t stress me out.

“Tell Us Apart,” the listening game to distinguish sounds. Baa/daa got harder by four steps. I think I got to level 13.  13 is a tough nut to crack. Sheh/ cheh got harder by seven steps.  (But progress started at a low level.) Just a personal note: if you’re haven’t done these exercises, my guess is that you would be surprised how difficult it is to tell these sounds apart when re-sampled this way. Then  the practice for deh/ geh got underway.

Points for “Tell Us Apart” today were 839. It didn’t feel like it was harder or that I made fewer correct answers than yesterday, but the score was lower.  It’s #4 in 7. According to the graph chart, difficulty was up from yesterday.

“Match It” (Concentration) was a good day. I was advanced from grids of 24 to grids of 30. I mean, I thought I was doing well, not that the program decided I needed a change. My points were up to 1062, by second best. I am taking more time to remember and recall is improving.

“Listen and Do” indicated during the exercise that I wasn’t making any progress, just repeating my established level, so it was time for something different. It went from “click the yellow dog, then click the girl in the yellow dress, then click the Sunrise Bakery” (et cetera), to “Move the short boy to the man in the yellow hat, then move the tall postal worker to the hospital, then move the tall doctor to the bakery.” I did that almost flawlessly about 12 times. Then time ran out. Points today were up from yesterday slightly: 688 from 657. I must be at a plateau for now.

The daily summary tells me that there are 24 sessions left; at my pace (5 per week), that’s about five more weeks. After which, I plan on starting the visual enhancement training.

At this point, I am just glad that the stressful week is over. Tomorrow I will get out of the house and sell Wicked Coffees at the Farmer’s Markets, see some new people and give my “logic brain” a rest.

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