Brain Fitness Blog, Day 15

Day 15, August 16, 2012

Today, the program started with “High or Low” again, but with a much easier assignment, indicating if the sound was high or now, not if it was sliding up or down. The points for identifying this were commensurate with the difficulty. Most of the time I received, 2,3,4’s. For a brief time, I was awarded 10’s, but I was soon sent to a new level (shorter sounds) with points of 2, 3 and such. Easy. Not many points. Only 1462. I tried to speed things up to help my score today, but this was all I could manage.

“Tell Us Apart” was almost a replay of yesterday, as I struggled with level 14 (the highest) for “boe/doe.” I went back and forth from level 13 to 14 for five minutes and then was sent on to repeat “gee/kee.” There I advanced one level, from 12 to 13, but could not master 14, even spending plenty of time in practice level. Next was a simpler exercise of “baa/daa” working on harder levels. I worked up to level 10. Today’s points were down from yesterday’s (a personal best) at 912. Yesterday’s was 1018.

I think I understand more about being sent back to a previous, already established level. It’s not like being sent back to 1st  grade when you were in 2nd. Or like being held back in 1st. It’s more like being sent to a place where you had excelled so you can get back the confidence you lost when playing at your threshold.

“Sound Replay” started at level 5. Recalling five unrelated sounds in order is my present threshold. I couldn’t pass it. After a few perfect replays, I started missing. Then, I missed four or five and was sent back to replaying four in a row. I felt sad and my brain was swirling with overload. On level 4 again, I did not even do as well as yesterday. I noticed that I seem to do okay with replaying words that are “ips” and “igs” or “aps” and “ats.” I have the most trouble with “ups” and “ucks.” Like “duck” “tug,” “bug,” “guck.” I wondered if practicing off the program would help. I know this: I won’t push myself as far as the program does. Today’s points were 1033, down from yesterdays 1288.

“Listen and Do” started good at level 5 with me recalling the list of instructions. Then after missing a couple, I was sent back to 4. (But I figured out a way to master level 5!) I think at the start, I was still stressed from the beating I took in “Sound Replay.” I then completed level 4, then level 5. I was advanced to level 6, but I knew I was going to have trouble! So, being sent back to 5 was alright because I felt like I needed to perfect 5 first. Then I experienced more brain overload and started missing instructions. I didn’t hear them, couldn’t remember them or thought I remembered them, but the program didn’t agree. Time ran out before I could redeem myself. Points were down to 657, which isn’t bad; it’s my second best score.

The daily summary showed that only “Tell Us Apart” was more difficult than before. “Sound Replay” was almost as difficult, but Listen and Do” and “High or Low” were not.

I need a break! Good thing there is only one more day of this this week. My brain needs a recess over the weekend to rebuild.

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