Brain Fitness Blog, Day 13

Day 13, August 14, 2012

“High or Low” started the Brain Fitness program again today. It felt at one point that the sounds were coming much faster and closer to each other. At another point I felt some brain overload, then not too much later, I was messaged that I’d mastered all the sweeps in the 1000 Hz range.

Right afterward, the different assignment was noticeably more difficult. Perhaps I was feeling over-confident, but I got 6 or 7 wrong in a row. Perhaps it was some amount of fatigue, too.

My 6362 points reflect the harder work I’d done, but perhaps it also reflects a new strategy, not using the “Try Again” option. Now that I think of it, being prompted to “Try Again” makes me feel frustrated.

“Match It” was introduced with information about going to a new level. This time the speech will be less stretched and less emphasized than level 1, where it is very stretched and emphasized. There are a total of five levels, I was told, with level 4 being the closest to conversational speech. For this new level, I was “sent back” to an 8 button grid, but it didn’t last long. Soon I was sailing into the 16 and 24 button grids. Points were up, too. 1238, up from 754. This is my best yet. I felt good during the entire exercise.

“Sound Replay” also was bumped up one level. Now I am at level 2. This was definitely more challenging for me, but replaying 3 or 4 sounds has never been easy for me in “Brain Fitness.” I realized this time that trying to remember the first two sounds while the third, fourth or fifth sounds are introduced is like trying to think when there is noise going on in the background. (The “extra” sounds are “noisy” to me.) I always thought that wanting a quiet space to concentrate was a preference or style. Now I am seeing that it is a brain pattern that can be challenged and changed.

I also saw that I must change strategies when the sounds become different. For instance, sometimes the sounds to replay are nonsense, like, “ze” “vaa” “coo.” I can recall those easily by making it a non-sense phrase, like baby-talk. But when the sounds are words, such as “but” “pan” “tea”, these sounds have meaning that are hard for me to relate in order to one another. Even harder to recall are word-sounds that are similar like, “but” “put’ “tub.” For these, concentrating on the first two seems to help, but I can find myself repeating back to myself a word my mind just chose, like “cup.” (This new word was influenced by the “noise” of the third or fourth word.)  Then, when the words are shown for me to identify, and I don’t see “cup,” my entire memory of the word order fades.

Oddly enough, today’s points are at a new high. How did I do that? The points are a 60% improvement over yesterday’s. 1110, up from 695.

“Story Teller” began with a new story. And trying to remember details when my brain was stressed from “Sound Replay” felt like a struggle.

But the first round, second and third rounds produced wonderful results. I didn’t miss one question. Points were down slightly from yesterday, but they are nowhere as bad as I thought they’d be. 760, down from 786. All in all, a good day.

I passed on the Reflective Journal opportunity and instead prepped my pad for this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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