Brain Fitness Blog, Day 12

Day 12. August 13, 2012

Thanks again, dear Reader, for watching my brain progress. I had some real-time progress to report that happened on the 15th and I will share that on the post for the 15th.

Back to day 13… High or Low went swimmingly with a new high score of 5150.

For Match It, I felt less able to focus and the points tell the tale, down from from 1063 at 754.

Sound Replay was also hard for me today. On level 4, I felt lost. After a time the program showed this message, “Don’t worry too much if you feel like you’re having a hard time.” [It obviously could tell I was!] “Just take a deep breath, concentrate and try again.” Right. As the timer clock ticks away! :0(

So, I was sent back to level 3. I worked my way back up to 4 and doing so, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before: if I answer incorrectly, I am given a choice- to “try again” or to “start” (a new set of sounds). Normally, I try again. I want to get it right. But when I do, I noticed that there are no points for getting it right on the second try. So when I get it wrong now, I am going to “Start” not “Try Again.” That way I will earn points and leave the error in the dust.

And I do get frustrated when I am trying again because I can’t get what seems to be simple “correct.”

Here’s a sample. You hear “pick” “pig” “tip” and “bit.” You don’t see these words, only hear them. Then there’s a pause. Complicated by this is that the words are not voiced like real time speech. They are emphasized and elongated. I didn’t think that would make my brain work harder, but it does! I can identify it now as my brain really struggling. Then, the task is to pick these four sounds out from a list and pick them out in order.

Surprisingly, my points were up today! 695, up from 528, but this is nowhere near my best.

Story Teller was supposed to start a new story but, then, there was a message from the programmer: “Congratulations! You have passed the threshold you set in previous stories. That suggests that your memory is getting better.” Today my points in Story Teller were up to 786.

Good and bad, but it’s all progress.

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